I help women frustrated by lack of progress in their careers feel empowered and better communicate their worth through 1:1 coaching, document and web services. 

Resume Rewrite - $500 CAD

I begin by reviewing multiple previous versions of your Resume to see what you are working with right now. This review is followed by a 1-hr information gathering Zoom session where I ask you to describe your previous positions in your own words so I can understand the meaning behind your work. Once you've had a chance to collect 3-5 sample job postings, I re-write your resume to create a perfect blend between who you are and what the market needs.

Resume Review - $150 CAD

I review your current Resume in real time during a recorded Zoom call. This format allows me to give you feedback and answer any questions you may have about any of the suggested edits. You may choose to take notes during the call or do it later when you review your recording.

Cover Letter - $200 CAD

This service is ONLY available to past Resume Rewrite clients. By this point, I will be very familiar with your experience and understand your career path. Using this knowledge, I will create a Cover Letter that clearly explains why you have chosen to apply for this position and why you are the best candidate for the job.

LinkedIn Profile - $300 CAD

I review your LinkedIn profile for completeness and effectiveness. Then, I redesign and/or update your profile image, banner, title, the About section and job descriptions. We work together to update your Skills list to align it with your job search needs.

Digital Portfolio - starting at $1,000 CAD

We will work together to analyze your body of work and split it into projects. For each project, we will create a title, summary, and a description of your contribution. The best portfolios are visual, so we will prepare multiple images to illustrate your contribution to the project. I will provide creative and technical support as we register your domain and then choose a hosting plan, design template and a colour scheme. After this prep work is complete, I will build a website that showcases your portfolio of projects. I normally work in Wix, but you may choose a different platform like Wordpress, SquareSpace, etc. In some cases, a PDF portfolio may also work. Finally, when it's time to hand the website over back to you for use and maintenance, I will create thorough tutorials to explain how to add, remove and edit website elements. See past projects.

LinkedIn Article - $400 CAD

We work together to decide whether you should discuss a topic of your expertise or write about your personal experience working in some industry. With this direction in mind, I help you generate a list of potential topics for your article. After we review the basics of essay writing and choosing the length of an article (300, 400 or 500+ words), you will generate an initial draft of the article. At this point, we will work together to perfect your article and publish it on your LinkedIn profile.


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