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grow and be seen

Before you can welcome new opportunities, you must understand your worth, learn to communicate it, and make sure you are seen by the right people.

Career Growth Strategies

About Lana

Hi, I'm Lana! I'm a Career Strategist & Coach and I absolutely love what I do. I work with mid-career professional women whose careers are causing them a lot of frustration. Your career may have stalled. You may have lost direction. Or you may be having a full-blown professional identity crisis. And so I help women to better understand their worth, to communicate their worth, and be seen by the right people.

I draw my inspiration from my own experience of being extremely frustrated by my career when I worked full-time in tech. I really struggled to find myself for 15 years. The last 7 years of that time were especially difficult. I don't want anyone else to spend years fixing their careers, so I help women do in 8 weeks or less.

My approach is very gentle, sensitive and tactful. I really believe that you have to tread lightly when working with someone who is sensitive and experienced a lot of frustration that has affected their confidence. In addition to my ability to organize information and find solutions to difficult situations, I aim to be very supportive of my clients. When your very sense of identity is connected to your career and things have not be going well, it takes a lot of time and care to rebuild a sense of worth and increase confidence.

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