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About Lana

I am a Career Strategist & Coach for mid-career professionals, freelancers and solopreneurs. I work with individuals who want to take a more active role in managing their careers.

My main focus is on building supportive and productive life-long relationships with my clients as I help them succeed in their professional lives. Reach your goals faster and more effectively by getting access to my experience, resources and professional network.

I started Two Steps Forward Consulting Co. so I could use my wide range of technical and management skills to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. As a firm believer in collaboration, I want to show busy working professionals just how much their lives can be improved by teaming up with an expert consultant.


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Development Programs

Two Steps Forward is currently offering the following individual and group coaching programs:


Career Strategy Program

1:1 Career Coaching

6-8 weeks -- $1995 CAD


Boss Babe Mastermind

Weekly Mastermind for Women

Weekly -- $30 CAD per month

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"I have managed to sign a new working contract starting tomorrow with a new employer. I am truly excited about the new professional challenge! This is a new start after a couple of months applying for jobs with no real success. I am convinced that the work Lana and I have done together has helped me to re-route professionally by setting me in the right mindset to apply all gained skills in the 25+ years in hospitality to open up possibilities. Many many thanks for that."

Vincent N.

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Moriam O.

"I turned to Lana for help when I was going through a career transition. I felt lost, so we met multiple times to work through the possibilities. Lana was very patient during those initial meetings, taking her time to ask questions designed to pull out details from my past experiences, discover when I like to do, and what fields I could explore. Lana, I discovered, has a knack for creative solutions. I never would have thought of some of the suggestions she came up with! Afterward, Lana and I collaborated on re-writing my resume. There, too, she showed that she truly listened to what I was looking for."

Padmini M.