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Career Strategy Package

Individual // 8 weeks // $2,500 CAD

This is a 1:1 coaching package designed for a working professional who is ready to make their next career move. It is designed to give you a sense of clarity, to focus your career improvement efforts, and to place you leaps ahead of your current state.

This coaching package is for YOU if:

  • You don't know what you want from your new career

  • You don't think you have many career options

  • You have trouble committing to a new career path

  • You are not well connected or well informed

  • You feel stuck on a path you chose years ago

  • You are afraid to take risks with your career

  • You are burned out and need support to sort things out


What To Expect

Week 1


You are an experienced professional with years of service under your belt. In order to honour where you come from and the steps you've already taken to grow professionally, we will document your story in detail. Prompted by my questions, you will summarize your official and un-official professional experiences and the skills you developed because of them.


Professional history, list of skills, list of interests, and a realization that you are super cool and can do so much more than you previously realized!

Week 2


Past experiences can be educational, even formative. They can also be just plain awful. With my help, you will reflect upon your professional history to start building a list of your professional values. There will be experiences that you want to have more of. There will be others that you don't mind. And then, there will be some that you will vow to avoid at all costs. The beauty of being an adult is being able to choose what to let into your life and what to keep out. We will work together to turn these rules into a list of solid professional values that will guide your future career.


List of pros & cons, list of professional values, and a sense of peace that comes with closing an old chapter and looking forward to a fabulous future!

Week 3


We will work together to clarify which professional goals will most likely lead you to the life you wish to have. Then, with a winning set of goals in hand, we will start brainstorming which industries and job titles are best suited for your skill set and personality. We will pay special attention to steps you can take to open new doors to make sure your new career growth strategy is bomb-proof!


List of career goals, list of industries & job titles, and a sense of hope that comes with taking concrete steps to plan a future you deserve!

Week 4


We will further work on various aspects of your career growth strategy - your personal brand, professional image, networking strategy, professional affiliations, education & certification, and so on. I will introduce you to members of my own professional network who can further support you on your new career journey. At the end, we will identify 3 projects from your strategy steps that we can work on together to increase your exposure to your target opportunities.


A Career Strategy document that: (a) summarizes your professional history, skills & interests, and (b) describes your career growth strategy using simple logical steps; and a sense of satisfaction that you now know exactly what to do to build an amazing life for yourself!

Weeks 5-8


Now we can get down to business. During the remaining sessions, we will work together to execute your 3 selected projects. I can provide support from hands-off feedback to a true 50/50 collaboration.


- Upgrade your resume

- Write a blog or LinkedIn article

- Develop a detailed networking plan

- Record a 30 sec introduction video

- Develop a social media strategy

- Go LIVE with me on my Instagram channel

- Co-host an event with me

- And so much more!

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